Slugs & Bugs: The Greatest Children’s Band You’ve Never Heard Of

Perhaps you’ve heard of Mr. Rodgers, Baby Mozart, and the Wiggles, but have you heard of Slugs & Bugs? Maybe it’s because I just became a first-time aunt, but its fun-filled, lighthearted melody and lyrics have been stuck in my head for days and I wanted to share the joy with all of you. I  dare you to not get this song stuck in your head for the next three days (at least!). Not only is it a catchy melody, but it’s also an awareness-raiser: we could all help our children develop a little more healthy fear of bears. And if this first one about “Bears” doesn’t do the trick, try forgetting the melody and lyrics to this next one, “Tractor Tractor”:

Okay, I have to share one more music video in addition to the two above: “God Made Me” is a cute, Gospel-filled song that proves why one of their more recent albums, “Sing the Bible,” has been nominated for a 2015 Dove Award. As their mission statement on their website describes:

“Slugs & Bugs rejects the compartmentalization of life into sacred and secular and declares with great gusto that Christ is the head of all things.  He is the head of kite flying and river floating, ice fishing and sky diving, nap taking, bike riding, belly laughing and taking out the trash.”

Which is why they’re able to proclaim God’s goodness through narratives about bears and tractors with such gusto.

Learn more about Slugs & Bugs on their website, follow them on Facebook, download their music on iTunes, and follow founder Randall Goodgame on Twitter @randallgoodgame. You won’t be sorry! 🙂

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