My Breast Cancer Journey Part 42: A News Story on KSTP-5!

Last Thursday, October 27th, 2022, our whole family shared our breast cancer story during an interview with Emmy-award winning journalist Alex Jokich and KSTP-5 chief photographer Joe Caffrey! They put together an amazing news package that’s been airing on Channel 5 this entire weekend.

Here’s a link to the main story on the KSTP news site: “Family with 3 breast cancer diagnoses urges women to get screenings early and often,” complete with a video and text!

And here’s the “preview story,” a shortened version promoting the main story linked above!:

Here is the “preview story” that aired on KSTP-5 before our main story at this link!

A few fun facts about the interview include:

  1. Alex met our dad, Jon, at the Making Strides event at Mall of America this month! Dad / Jon was there as part of his role as co-chair of the American Cancer Society Minnesota’s Real Men Wear Pink campaign. My dad told Alex our family’s story, and Alex decided to share it as part of a news package that you can see on KSTP!
  2. Alex is a cancer survivor like us (she beat thyroid cancer!) and was emcee of the Strides event this year.
  3. Alex’s dad and our dad, Jon, share the same birthday (October 24th)!
  4. Alex and Steph both went to Pepperdine University (Alex as an undergrad, Steph at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law).
  5. Alex is also one of three girls/sisters–just like Jennifer, Steph, and me!

We are grateful that we are here to share our story. We hope and pray our stories encourage women (and men!) everywhere to get regular health screenings and to trust their gut when they need something checked out!

This blog post is the 42nd in a series about my (and twin sister’s) breast cancer journey that began when we were 30 years old in July 2019. In 2019, I also started documenting our younger sister’s breast cancer previvorship journey. Here is a list of all of the posts written about our journey at Mayo Clinic’s Breast Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to date. To keep tabs on new posts, sign up for the “A Daily Miracle” email list at this link. You can also follow on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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