Introducing Strahan: The New Zealand Folk Psalmist You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of

Strahan is a “Folk Psalmist” from New Zealand that my husband and I had never heard of until friends of ours from church recommended we listen to his music three years ago. We started then and haven’t stopped since–now three years, four album/EPs and one live concert in Minneapolis later, we are hooked!

For fans of Josh Garrels (who Strahan opened for on a brief summer tour last month), Gungor, The Brilliance, John Mark McMillan, and other similar folksy Christian artists, Strahan is your man. For fans of poetic Christian music, Strahan is a great listen. For anyone looking for encouragement or inspiration in and/or for their Christian walk, Strahan provides truthful words–most times straight out of Scripture.

For those curious of what exactly a folk psalmist is, or where the phrase came from in the first place, here is a brief excerpt from Strahan’s “About” page:

…Like the old psalmist, he reaches to nature to find the face of the divine, wrestling with truth as insistently as the tide claiming the shore. Like the old folk man, he stares through a dim glass and sees a broken world caught in that age old tension. Hallelujahs. Laments. Death. Life. All is beauty. And that old familiar catch-cry. Chords and truth. These old worn songs that carry hints of the divine. 

For those intrigued by the video clip above (“Hurricane Love,” Strahan’s first single off of his most recent album, Out of Exile, that has reached #3 on the New Zealand album charts, #24 on the U.S. iTunes charts, and #3 on the Nigerian iTunes charts), here are my top five Strahan songs that, if you give a listen, are guaranteed to evoke at least a slightly positive response!:

1. You’re the Dawn (Posters)

2. Deliverance (Posters)

3. Mountain (Feel the Night EP)

4. Heaven (Water & Fire EP)

5. Help Me Believe (Out of Exile)

Here are the main ways to connect with him / his music: his website, Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, Instagram channel, and YouTube channel. Strahan does not disappoint!

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