Top 5 Tweets from Poynter’s #TruthTrust Event


If I could summarize the Poynter Institute “Truth & Trust in the 21st Century: Journalism’s role in telling the story of violence in Chicago” panel discussion / talkback Thursday night in a phrase, I would say I learned that “Optimism & Positivity are Journalism’s Future & Democracy’s Hope.” The night opened on this note with remarks from CBS2 news anchor Jim Williams:

“Our coverage of this year’s Little Leaguers was encouraging to all Chicagoans, but especially to the South and West Sides…They told us it was ‘about time we told a positive story about the people instead of covering murders all the time.'”

That being said, a panel of professional journalists then gave voice to topics of narrative, accountability, and justice in Chicagoland. Here’s a summary of the night in “Top 5 Tweets” format (to read all Tweets from the event, check out #truthtrust):

The most intriguing question:

The most encouraging statement:

A statement that really made me think:

There’s power in personal narrative:

The most convicting statement:

BONUS: the most emotional moment of the night:

Thank you Kelly McBride of Poynter and Jim Williams of CBS2 for moderating; and thank you Mike Lansu, Asiaha Butler of R.A.G.E., Darryl Holliday at DNAinfo Chicago and founder of Illustrated Press, Tracy Swartz of RedEye, Emmy-award winning producer of The Interrupters Alex Kotlowitz, and Lolly Bowean of the Chicago Tribune for continuing to contribute truthful journalism to the general public with honesty, integrity, and conviction. Your passion is inspiring! Also, Alex Kotlowitz, please start a Twitter feed? Your name may be one of the most frequently sub-tweeted names in the Twitter-verse…IMHO, it’s time to join the conversation. 🙂
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