I Am Today’s Christian Woman: Let’s Talk About Sex

In August 2012, I accepted a full-time job as Today’s Christian Woman’s online editor. It’s been just over a year since that fateful day, and ever since, I’ve been intentional about learning exactly what it means to live life as a Christian woman. Thanks to the amazing articles, interviews, and reporting I’ve been able to do for TCW, Christianity Today, and her.meneutics, in 14 months I’ve learned more about God, marriage, sex, relationships, parenting, and evangelism than I ever thought possible–and want to share all of it with everyone.

That’s why I’ve been working like a fiend to help produce the weekly edition of Today’s Christian Woman, hot and fresh in the Apple Store and on our website today. We used to publish bi-monthly, but now we have a new issue going live every week–because two months is WAY TOO LONG to wait to publish new issues. Those who know me can attest-there’s too much conversation to cover with Christian women today.

Every weekly issue we produce will be on a specific theme, and our first issue is all about sex. Our next issue will be all about career, vocation, and calling. And the list goes on… for 52 issues every year.

“Are you sure you can do this?” skeptics have asked.

To which I reply, “By the Spirit of God, which so powerfully works in me… YES! Because, WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!”

To found my optimistic outlook in reality, it doesn’t hurt that our editorial, marketing, and design teams are complete bosses. Also, if women in Honduras can birth children on dirt floors in mud huts without drugs, I’m confident the Today’s Christian Woman team can birth a new issue on a specific theme with 5-10 new, original articles every week.

And so it begins!

We want TCW to encourage, equip, and inspire Christian women in global communities to live out their faith fearlessly, and there’s no time to waste – let’s do this TOGETHER!!!

Won’t you join us?? Join the conversation:

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And let us know what you think of all this! It’s a miracle to me.

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