Free Music Friday: Kari Jobe on American Idol and Human Trafficking

Wednesday night, Top 6 American Idol contestant Angie Miller sang chart-topping CCM artist Kari Jobe’s song “Love Came Down” and received a standing ovation from both the crowd and the judges. Her performance evoked responses from Keith Urban and Mariah Carey, and garnered a heartfelt response from Jobe as well (watch the performance at this link).

The millions of Americans exposed to Jobe’s songwriting on American Idol should also know human trafficking is a huge cause on the worship artist’s heart. She’s been an advocate of Christine Caine’s A21 Campaign, and recently partnered with the producers of Not Today, a full-length feature film about a 20-year-old American party boy’s trip to India that opened his eyes to the reality of sex trafficking around the world.

“Can one movie change everything in India? No,” Dr. Joseph D’souza, the International President of the Dalit Freedom Network, says. “But what if that one movie could open the eyes of millions and challenge them to join in this meaningful fight?”

The movie is being released in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington today, and gives viewers a glimpse into the dark world of human trafficking through the eyes of an American traveler in India. The movie isn’t playing in Chicago yet, but you can find tickets and locations to theaters showing Not Today at this link and recommend the movie to friends and family around the country.

Jobe’s song, “What Love Can Do,” is being offered as a free download on Today’s Christian Woman until 9 p.m. CST tonight – download it at this link.

“I believe in this so much,” Jobe says. “People aren’t just being sold into slavery in other countries. There’s actually predators who want to find these girls and take them here in the States. I love supporting ministries that are chipping away at this one day at a time.”



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