Top 3 Easter Tweets from My Peeps


Easter weekend has ended, but the spirit of the season remains. Christ is risen INDEED!, and that’s reason to celebrate. As I was perusing Facebook statuses and Tweets over Easter weekend, a few Easter e-cards made me chuckle.

1) The first, a depressing reality for many American Christians – who do you know who had a life-changing transformation by giving up chocolate for 40 days?


Of the people I know, people who ADDED something to their lives during Lent (being intentional in relationships, more time in solitude with Jesus, a specific Bible study, etc.) gained more from the experience than people who gave up a material good.

2) Anyway, the second card that caught my eye is below:


Oh, the woe of being a single lady in society today! There may be some perks to singleness, however. This lady should read my blog post about how I’m single and loving it in Chicago.

3) Most poignantly, what I discovered this Easter weekend is that Good Friday is not nearly as awesome as Easter Sunday is. As Easter weekend fades into memory, I came to realize that I plan to celebrate Christ’s resurrection EVERY day of every year. This is why:

“Now the cross never knows defeat, for it itself is Defeat, and you cannot defeat Defeat. You cannot break Brokenness. It starts with defeat and accepts that as a way of life. But in that very attitude it finds its victory. It never knows when it is defeated, for it turns every impediment into an instrument, and every difficulty into a door, every cross into a means of redemption. So I concluded, any people that would put the cross at the center of its thought and life would never know when it is defeated. It would have a quenchless hope that Easter morning lies just behind every Calvary.”

E. Stanley Jones

Translation: as Christians, we’re called to admit our defeat and brokenness every day of our lives. Why? So we can experience the quenchless hope that Easter morning brings each and every morning of our lives.

“Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” –Psalm 54:4


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