Tribute to Josh French: All Day I Dream About Soccer

My friend Josh French, who was on my “brother floor” during our freshman year at Wheaton (2007-2008), died in a tragic car accident last Saturday, while he was on his way to visit his wife in Kansas City, Missouri. Josh inspired me every day with the passion he had for life. Whenever I saw him, he was surrounded by people, and usually had a large, beaming smile on his face. He always walked with a bounce in his step, and was usually headed to the soccer fields to participate in intramurals or a pickup game. As his brother posted on his Facebook wall yesterday:

“I am comforted, today, knowing that Josh French is playing on the finest soccer field in heaven. GOD is good….”

Indeed, during my junior year at Wheaton, I was able to capture some of Josh’s passion for soccer on film. Call me crazy, but this movie I produced during my junior year of college, starring he and his friend Andy Barg, reassured me that Josh is definitely kicking it upstairs right now, with Jesus.

Read a full Good Friday tribute to Josh and Wheaton freshman Graham Stevens at this link.

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