Homosexuality, Marijuana & Obama: is America going to burn in hell?

A brief post-election-day synopsis from a nondenominational evangelical Christian:

same sex marriage america

1) Same-sex marriage is now legal in Maryland and Maine, and Minnesota struck down a rule that would have banned it; also, Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) became the nation’s first openly gay senator. Instead of seeing these progressive movements as bringing America closer to a repeat of the Sodom and Gomorrah catastrophe, however, I think it gives the church a unique opportunity to live out the greatest commandment: to “love your neighbor” for real – not for fake – no matter their sexual orientation. As stated in this article on evangelical Christians and homosexuality, “We are ready to start washing feet instead of waging war.”

marijuana legal

2) Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington. There have been some arguments for Jesus’ recreational use of drugs, and hundreds of people are currently wondering if you can “be a good Christian and smoke pot,” but I doubt these claims are true. Jesus did not run around waving green plants at the sick and faint-hearted, and he doesn’t call us to light up to become enlightened. Jesus advocates freedom and true life that comes through surrender of one’s life to God at the foot of the cross – not by sticking a green plant in a bong.

obama faith

3) Obama is in office for another four years: what does this mean? Aside from his open support of gay marriage and pro-choice agenda, there is hope: according to a faith profile written on CNN’s Belief Blog, his faith has become more central to him over the past four years (he now begins each day reading Christian devotionals on his Blackberry, and has a close prayer circle with several pastors before large events).

So, as a result of these big jumps in social policy, I will cling to the claim made on Obama’s 2008 campaign poster – “HOPE!” – and pray God will continue to bless our country and its leadership while the Christian church continues to shine a light in a society some say is doomed to destruction.

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