3 (In)Famous Wheaton College Alumni

Yes, Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill. is often referred to as the “Harvard of Evangelical Universities,” but it turns out alumni are making waves in the world outside of church plants and stadium-sized evangelism rallies a la Billy Graham. Here are three men who have made names for themselves after graduation: one on Jeopardy!, one in a viral YouTube video stunt, and another as a professional model.

1. Paul Nelson (Wheaton ’11) on Jeopardy! (pictured above)

Today’s the day: Wheaton College’s 2010-2011 student body president, Paul Nelson, is performing on Jeopardy! today, Nov. 2., at 2:30 p.m. CST in the Chicago market (WLS-TV). The political science major is currently working in D.C. For a nationwide viewing schedule, click here.

2. Tom Fowler (Wheaton ’11), Swan Dive Snow Jump (Fail)

After Wheaton was hit with a blizzard in Feb. 2011, classes were canceled and students played in the snow. Senior Tom Fowler decided to dive off of his deck into five+ feet of snow, only to have the deck rail collapse and catastrophe ensue. The video went viral, and was picked up / shown on the Tonight Show that week:

3. Geoff Burns (Wheaton ’08), Abercrombie’s Back to School Summer 2007 Model

geoff burns abercrombie

During the summer of 2007, Wheaton student Geoff Burns was selected to be Abercrombie & Fitch’s back-to-school model. The Abercrombie 2007 summer video filmed for the ad campaign stirred up a bit of controversy on campus before he graduated, but in an informal interview with “Hunky Male Celebs,” he said:

“A lot of people judge me for what I do,” he said. “What I do might be different from your daily job. This is what I do. It’s my passion.”

So, there it is – an informal round-up of three Wheaton College alumni pursuing their passions for Christ and His Kingdom.

Who did I miss?

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