(Not so) lazy Sunday: kayaking the Chicago River

Ever wondered what it would be like to see Chicago from the river below street level? If so, wonder no more! If not, maybe the following glimpse into a two hour tour of downtown Chi-town from the (icy) waters of the river will convince you to be a bit more adventurous, and to maybe even take a trip out with Chicago’s Urban Kayaks.

Ashley (pictured above) and Eric, our tour guides, were extremely knowledgeable. I now know that Merchandise Mart at one point had its own zip code, the Trump Tower was originally supposed to be taller than the Sears Tower, and Navy Pier is the top tourist attraction in the Midwest – check out the slideshow below for some epic shots of the two-hour tour, and feel free to sign up for one before the end of October when they pack up for the season! In addition to paddling several miles, put your game face on – you’ll most likely become a part of tourist photographs and videos. When I signed up to take a kayak out on the river, I didn’t know I’d enlisted in a spectator sport – now I know how Britney must feel on a regular basis:


The miracle for today? Seeing a rainbow in the Centennial Fountain (pictured above). Another one was not capsizing in the large wakes of Chicago Water Taxis.

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