Christians, strippers, and self-control

Oh hey! So I see my headline got your attention – now, on to the heart of the issue: women and porn.

When I went to see Katy Perry’s “Part of Me 3-D” last week, my friend and I passed the theater where “Magic Mike” (Channing Tatum’s new semi-autobiographical stripper movie) was playing. Our gaits slowed as we peeked in the doors to get a glimpse at the silver screen, and our hearts fell as we realized we couldn’t see anything without going in.

“Oh em gee, I want to go see that SO bad…”

“So do I!” my friend exclaimed, somewhat sheepishly.

We didn’t end up going in – we had tickets to go see Katy Perry, after all (what some would argue, the lesser of two evils – check out my Christianity Today article on the “Part of Me 3-D” movie here), but it was too late: the seed had been planted, and temptation was on the loose.

So, what exactly is the problem with wanting to watch muscular, tan, greased-up men strut around on a stage? My conscience hadn’t been checked until I read blogger Melissa Jenna’s post today. MJ argues that, instead of running to theaters and bookstores to watch Magic Mike and pick up 50 Shades of Grey (both arguably pornographic, both extremely popular with women these days), women could, and should be, investing in real life relationships with their boyfriends, husbands, brothers and friends – and, ultimately, their relationship with Jesus.

Don’t get me (or MJ) wrong – preaching at people is not an appealing pursuit. But, her blog post is a truth bomb that’s worth considering – especially for those who take the Bible seriously. Here are a couple worthwhile quotes from her article that I agree with wholeheartedly:

“Oh, and that saying “you are what you eat?” I’d say the same thing goes for media: you are what you consume. Pornography is unhealthy. There, I said it.”

So, to jump on MJ’s bandwagon, I would like to say that, to prevent us from completely ruining our perceptions of men in real life, let’s take a pass on this unedifying fantasy world, and instead, appreciate the men in our lives for what God created them to be – strong, courageous, brave, loving, and handsome descendants of Adam (let’s be real – he must have been pretty dreamy. But he probably never strutted around on a stage in a Chippendales’ tuxedo for strangers).

The clincher for me was the following passage:

“To gain another perspective, imagine your husband (or father/brother/church leader) going around bragging about how much he loved reading last month’s Playboy magazine, or rallying all of his guy friends to go see “Magic Meghan” for the third time. If our husbands were drooling over a movie about female strippers, we would be livid.

Given, for ladies who don’t have a problem with their men reading Playboy, this point is moot, but, I see this as #TRUTH, and hope the readers of this blog will see it as thought-provoking as well. So, instead of buying a ticket to go see Magic Mike or picking up a copy of 50 Shades of Grey, I think I’ll call my dad and thank him for being a great role model of self-controlled respectfulness in his going-on-30-year-marriage to my mother.

Thoughts? Post them! I’m keen on feedback. Cheers.


  1. And I so agree. Porography is unhealthy, you can become addicted. If married, you have all of this 1st hand. “What you don’t know, won’t hurt you”

  2. Some people have a photographic memory, I have a pornographic memory. Occasional porn is great just as an occasional martini or bowl of ice cream is great. I won’t be seeing Magic Mike because I am a heterosexual man. I won’t be seeing Katy Perry’s movie because she is void of talent…except for her rack.

    1. I agree 100%. My boyfriend likes porn. I don’t see a problem with it. I don’t care. He sleeps with ME. He comes home to ME. It’s no big deal.

      I’m comfortable with myself. I don’t consider porn unhealthy. I’ve even watched some with him and ran to the computer to find some of the outfits to wear for him…..

      I won’t see either movie – don’t care about Channing Tatum or Katy Perry (or her rack)

      P.S. I tried to avoid clicking on this blog for the reason I feared – christians believe their word is TRUTH when in fact it’s just an opinion. no proof = no truth

      1. goofyjj, I’m glad you and your boyfriend have a happy, functioning relationship, and that you enjoy taking part in some of his hobbies, but if I might ask what other kinds of “couple-y” activities you take part in – have you tried skydiving?? I hear the adrenaline rush is insane 😛

      2. I read this blog and all the post. I did not read anyone say that their word is truth. Out of curiosity what proof do you have to validate that Christians have no proof? Or what proof do you have to validate what you belive? Just curious. I’m assuming your an atheist by your comment, but maybe not. If you don’t mind your boyfriend imagining another women while you make love then more power to ya. Not saying I am not going to see Magic Mike and I already read fifty shades, but I’m not convinced that I shouldn’t avoid magic and forget about fifty.

    2. “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…” so yes, I’d say you’ve definitely filled in the blank with your interpretation! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. It is obvious that you have not seen the movie, as it is not pornographic, unless naked butts is what you consider pornographic, in which case, you are too much of a prude and should stay away – it would be way to racy for you.

    1. Re: 6th paragraph – “both arguably pornographic, both extremely popular with women these days” – arguably is meant to be subjective, so thanks for responding so keenly!

  4. Just to note that Adam strutted around in much less than a tuxedo, and it was on a stage that contained the entire population of the world (that is, of course, if you believe the Adam and Eve story) 😀

    1. Truth! Though, according to the Adam and Eve story, the entire population of the earth at the time of Adam’s naked-ness was he plus one…Eve. By the time their children/other people came around, he had discovered clothes (or leaves, whatever your interpretation! :P)

  5. Better question is why’s a grown woman going to see a Katy Perry movie?? And didn’t she pose naked, laying on her stomach on the cover of her album, which was very popular with the pre-teen set. Nice.

    1. Good story, AKB88: Katy Perry actually grew up in a Christian family where she was sheltered so severely she couldn’t even watch The Wizard of Oz or eat Lucky Charms (her parents believed ‘luck was of Lucifer’) – therefore, the reason I went to the movie was to review it for Christianity Today – check out the article here: Thanks for the read/feedback!

  6. Everyone has their beliefs, and I respect that… just some food for thought:

    People can get unhealthily addicted to shopping, but is shopping fundamentally unhealthy?

    People can get unhealthily addicted to working at the office, but is working at the office fundamentally unhealthy?

    Everything in moderation.

    1. Everything in moderation?

      Really? You’d do crystal meth in moderation? Jump off bridges in moderation?

      Shopping and working are not even in the same category as porn. Pornography actually re-wires one’s brain, much like alcohol or drugs. Porn is highly addictive. It generally leads to unhealthy physical and sexual desires & expectations.

      Husbands and wives shouldn’t have to watch porn…if one needs that “kind” of “excitement” perhaps they should see a marriage counselor or a therapist.

  7. I had two girlfriends who watched porn with me and were both very vocal Christians. What’s more, it was THEIR ideas to watch it. I’ve always been mystified as to why sex gets a more restrictive rating than violence.

    Then again, porn is no more an accurate portrayal of human sexuality than DIE HARD is an accurate way of handling a hostage crisis.

  8. Wow, so you consider Katy Perry’s movie to be acceptable but not “Magic Mike?” Have you seen any of Katy Perry’s trashy videos? I’m just shaking my head here.

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