Worrying < trusting God!

Last night, I attended my little sister’s high school graduation, where I was reminded that wisdom is ageless. In addition to cheering ’til i went hoarse for my lil sis as she walked across the stage to receive her diploma, I was reminded of some of the stress and anxiety I felt as a high school grad several years ago – not knowing what college had in store, the uncertainty of going out “on my own,” and what was going to happen to me and all of my friends?

These thoughts shuffled through my mind as the commencement speaker stepped up to the podium – a confident senior who gave some of the best advice I’ve ever heard:

“You can’t wring your hands with worry while rolling up your sleeves for hard work.”

This truth bomb reminded of this verse from the Bible:

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” -Matthew 6:34-

Which reminded me, that, even though I’ve since graduated from high school, college and (almost) graduate school, all of the stresses I felt as an 18-year-old senior remain with me now, but, as the senior graduation speaker and the Bible say, “who, by worrying, will add an hour to his life?”

So, I’m encouraged by not only the graduation speaker and the Bible, but also by my littler sister, who lives much of life in a carefree and flamboyant manner that I envy very much. Her smile and compassion for others is contagious, and her candor reminds me that, whenever I’m stressed, I need to remember to choose to CHILL and relax, because, “all things work out for the good of those who love God.”

And I know that He will continue to bless my sister, and thousands of others, as they begin their next chapters of life at the University of Minnesota in the fall – as well as the rest of us who are getting used to the grind of everyday life outside of a collegiate bubble!

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