Matt Maher & Phil Wickham: free music from CCM’s main men

Hey all – today is a great day. Why? Because award-winning CCM artists Matt Maher and Phil Wickham are responsible for K-LOVE and Air1 Radio‘s free music downloads this week.

Matt Maher, a Catholic CCM artist who has led worship for Pope Benedict XVI and is most famous for smash hit “Christ is Risen,” reveals a single off September 2011 album “The Love In Between” called “Rise Up,” and Phil Wickham’s song “This is the Day” comes from 2011 album “Response.” Both songs speak to the hope Christ provides us for new beginnings and fresh starts, and the freedom that comes when we decide to “rise up” with Jesus.

Don’t miss these downloads – your iTunes library will never be the same.

Phil Wickham’s Air1 Download : “This is the Day”

Matt Maher’s K-LOVE Download : “Rise Up”

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