Starbucks is offering half-price frappuccinos at stores nationwide, starting TODAY, from 3 – 5 p.m. every day until May 13!

If the discount isn’t enough to get you in the door, Starbucks’ new frap flavors being introduced for summer are: Mocha Coconut, Coconut Crème, Mocha Cookie Crumble and Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème. Mmm mmm good!

This also means that you can feel less guilty about *splurging* on a fru-fru drink. It’s only $2.50 now instead of an outrageous $5 – this way, you can donate the difference to charity. 🙂 Or, think of it as an opportunity to take your loved one to Starbucks and treat them – two for the price of one!

Students studying for finals and people enjoying the heat waves occurring around the nation will be sure to enjoy this action.

More details can be found on frappuccino.com – see you at Starbucks!


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