Shuree Music: One G1rl Can Change the World

Shuree, a Chicago worship leader and Christian pop artist, released a full-length album Friday, called “One G1rl Can Change the World.”

It’s an eclectic mix of backbeats and worship – something many Christian artists in the “pop” genre have shied away from. As Grammy-nominated producer “Oh, Hush!,” said in an interview, ‘Christian music is often three or four years behind what’s happening in the mainstream’ – and that’s why he chose to work with Shuree. Having collaborated with Justin Bieber and Cee Lo Green on past projects, Oh, Hush! insists Shuree’s sound is on the cutting edge: “It’s not the real safe vanilla stuff you typically hear. We’re keeping it competitive with what’s happening in the mainstream instead of playing it safe and doing what’s been done before.”

I had a feature article published on Shuree in Christianity Today in Feb. 2012, and an album review published yesterday. Her life story is incredible, and includes overcoming challenges stemming from abuse of all kinds in her household growing up and losing her sister to a drug overdose at the young age of 21.

Her testimony brings life to her music that, even without a backstory, is impressive at first listen. Her album is characterized by her belief in the redemptive power of Christ, and includes a standout track titled “Broken is Beautiful,” a concept she brought to light in an interview last fall:

“I know from my own life that your past does not dictate your future, and I want to get the message out to people – broken can be something beautiful when placed in the hands of almighty God.”

Beneath, above and within layers of backbeats and electric guitar sings a story too bold to ignore – enjoy Shuree’s moving testimony and celebration of the freedom that comes from surrender in Christ on this hoppin’ and poppin’ Christian pop album that paves the way for progressive worship leaders and believers worldwide.


Shuree: What ‘One Girl’ Can Do – Christianity Today Feb. 2012 | Shuree: ‘One G1rl’ Album Review

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