Blue Like Jazz: a movie that ‘has the balls to search for God’

“I admire any religion with the balls to search for God.”

-Moltov, a Russian character from Blue Like Jazz

This, a lesbian peeing in a urinal and other eye-opening statements that would make most conservative Christians cringe pepper the screenplay and plotline of Blue Like Jazz, the movie adapted from Donald Miller’s best-selling autobiographical novel.

The progressive film raked in $281,000 over the weekend, and has managed to instigate a large controversy in the Christian film community at large (Christianity Today’s synopsis here).

Whatever your stance on faith and progressive culture, this is a film worth seeing. Controversy or not, the film has instigated dialogue in Christian circles and outside of them, and has been reviewed in USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, Christianity Today and the New York Times.

This post by Sonya Denyse at the Huffington Post is the most honest and accurate depiction of the film that I’ve seen. As Sonya writes in her blog, “Although it has been called a “coming of age” film, I think [Blue Like Jazz] is a “Isn’t it about time we had this conversation film?”

The conversation has officially started, so don’t miss out (my earlier blog post discusses the evolution of the film)! Go see this movie at a theater near you – you won’t be disappointed (if you are, I will reimburse you for your ticket, no questions asked :P).

Exiledbeliever, my fellow ChicagoNow blogger, supports this film as well. Jump on the bandwagon and join us in the conversation of faith, community, authenticity and transparency!

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