Easter Monday: keeping the faith and playing with peeps

It’s Easter Monday, and another Easter Sunday has come and gone. However, as Atlanta pastor Louie Giglio said in an eloquent Tweet today, a “Happy Easter!” is still in order : RT @louiegiglio: “Just checked: the tomb is still empty, death defeated, the grave overwhelmed.”

Also, USA Today’s cover story from over the weekend featured stories of various baby boomers who are coming back to faith in hordes after decades away from church sanctuaries. Fellow ChicagoNow blogger “Newsboy,” aka John Ruane, also emphasized modern enthusiasm for faith based on impressive turnouts to Good Friday and Easter Sunday services across Chicago over the weekend in today’s post, “Christians step up against religious attacks.”

In addition to continued celebration over Christ’s resurrection comes another (significantly less meaningful) celebration stemming from the Easter holiday: Peeps. Those cute, fluffy Easter treats that aren’t quite edible, but, just beg to be used in some way, shape or form. USA Today: College started a contest for university-aged students based on school pride and creativity: basically, asking students, “how creative can you be with your leftover Easter peeps?,” and, I am planning on participating. A photo follow-up will come soon, and may or may not involve a microwave* and be a vivid illustration of Christ’s abounding love.

(*no animals will be harmed during the participation in this contest – rather, it will be a celebration of God’s all-encompassing, ever-expanding and abounding love…emphasis on the ever-expanding and abounding facets**).

**John 10:10: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”


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