He hates religion, but loves Jesus

When my Spanish professor last semester told my class it’s time for our generation to “step up,” I was a bit confused by what exactly she meant. After watching this video, however, her comments all made sense. Jeff Bethke got over 20 million hits on YouTube in response for stepping out in faith and being confident in what he believed in the video above – his authenticity and faith went viral and inspired dialogue, bringing on an interview with CBS News where he said the following to close the segment:

“My generation needs authenticity. To say what they believe. I think there will be a resurgence of grace-following, Jesus–loving, Bible-believing people that can be transformed and change the country for the good because we believe and we have that power and that grace with us.”

-Jeff Bethke, CBS News, January 2012-

Where I paused for a moment of self-examination: are we who identify ourselves as Millennials really authentic? Do we say what we believe?..

…and, are we the grace-following, Jesus-loving, Bible-believing people that Jeff says we are? Will we use our powers for good?

If so, awesome, but if not, what’s keeping us from being real and from opening up to God and one another about our concerns, frustrations and fears? Per Jeff’s example, maybe it’s time to start being honest with ourselves…and each other.

Link to Jeff’s interview on CBS

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